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Production of chairs, armchairs, tables and beds

Our history
“A house that does not have one worn,
comfy chair in it is soulless.”
(May Sarton)

Design, comfort and quality since 1945

sedie produzione fabbrica sedie Friuli Venezia Giulia
fabbrica sedie, produzione sedia Friuli Venezia Giulia
produttore sedie produzione fabbrica sedie Treviso

Our history

We are manufacturers of chairs and armchairs and have been operating in the Treviso furniture manufacturing cluster since 1945.

The Busetto brand, which is synonymous with creativity and reliability, dates back to the mid 19th century, when the Busetto family began a centuries-old tradition in the woodworking industry that has since been handed down from one generation to the next.

Our products

Today, even though we sell more than 400 different products, most of our turnover is still generated by products made to customer specifications.

On request we can manufacture chairs, armchairs and sofas customisable down to the smallest details, delivering products that stand out on the market.

fabbrica produzione sedie produttore Treviso
fabbrica sedie produzione sedie e poltrone Treviso
sedie produzione fabbrica sedie Treviso

How we work

Our manufacturing facility consists of two units measuring a total of 10,000 square metres. Starting from sawn timber we assemble the frames, paint them with 6 different painting robots and then add the upholstery.
In addition, with the help of our highly qualified personnel we can also design and manufacture prototypes: design, technology and innovation are the driving inspiration behind top-quality products designed and manufactured in line with market trends.

Who are our customers

Our main customers are manufacturers of furniture for the home and contract industries, wholesalers, exporters, shipbuilders, shipowners and general contractors in the hotel industry.

Busetto produces a wide range of chairs in different styles (modern, metal, classical, country style).We also manufacture tables for the contract market.

produttore sedie produzione fabbrica sedie Friuli Venezia Giulia