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Modern metal chairs -  modern chair -  S 458 S

Production of chairs, armchairs, tables and beds

Modern metal chairs
S 458 S
Altezza Larghezza Profondità Altezza seduta Altezza bracciolo Volume
860 380 460 - - 0,23
Peso Consumo Cuoio Rigenerato Consumo Vera Pelle/ Vero Cuoio Consumo Stoffa/Ecopelle Imballo
6,6 - 3,08 1,65 1 x
  • Modern bar stool with internal steel frame
  • Fully padded (incl. legs), with double upholstery. With ultra-flat seat, backrest and cushions
  • Upholstered in fabric, leather or synthetic leather
  • Ideal for the home, also suitable for contract use
  • Ideal for waiting rooms, conference venues, restaurants and cafés