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Production of chairs, armchairs, tables and beds

Fabbrica sedie, produzione sedia

About us and our history

Like a strong tree, the roots of our company go deep down and have absorbed the invigorating values and knowledge handed down by generations of carpenters. The Busetto family origins are in the Venice lagoon, at that time the world capital of woodworking, where the shipyards alone employed 12000 carpenters.

The company was founded in 1945, when the current owners' father, Antonio Busetto, hired his first employee. Things were hard at first; work mainly consisted of repairing houses ruined by the recently ended war.
Over the years the company shifted from making all types of furniture to specialising in chair manufacturing.
With his vast experience and technical qualifications perfected in Germany, Antonio and a group of friends established a school, where he taught technical drawing for some years and then served as an invigilator during exam sessions.
Almost all the furniture manufacturers in what is now one of the most important manufacturing districts in the world were trained in this vocational school.

Proud of this initiative, the company has grown without losing its original founding values. Over the years the family business has expanded and is now run by Antonio’s sons.
In 1971 it moved from its first facilities in the town centre to its modern site, where it has been extended to its current dimensions. In the vicinity another two factories have been built with other partners, creating a total covered area of approximately 12000 m2 where around 70 people are employed.

  • sedie produzione divani fabbrica tavoli
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  • sedie produzione divani tavoli
Convinced belief in ourselves even when times are tough; respect for our employees, who are the first and indispensable factor for our success; a lifestyle based on dedication to work; enthusiasm in creating something innovative; a quest for beauty down to the smallest detail; personal relationships with customers, our companions along the way: these are the values our company is based on.
Such values and experience are still in the hands of our personnel, a great many of whom have spent their working life in this company, some achieving 50 years’ service with us.

Our products are the result of partially manual processes handed down through generations, and a constant search for excellent quality raw materials; all combined with a designer touch. As all processes are carried out in-house, we can guarantee total customisation and offer an unlimited number of solutions.

This flexibility makes it possible to fulfil the requirements of customers throughout the world.
For some time we have been working with important shipbuilding companies and serving prestigious cruise liners.
In 2015, together with our partner Top Chair, we opened a showroom in Dubai that allows us to better service our customers in the Gulf area.

We are well aware that the unique tradition we have inherited provides a close link to the past as we look ahead to understand and interpret new needs, new lifestyles and new ways of approaching our customers. An example is this website which incorporates a virtual reality configurator. In just a few generations we have gone from hand planing to the virtual world.